AOK envisions a sustainable organization, providing artist opportunities and engaging the community in local Arts & Culture.


To encourage and promote, both passive and active participation, in all forms of the arts, by the citizens of the area for the enrichment of the community.

Giving Tuesday '12.01.2020':

We are fortunate to be part of a community who cares about the arts, our surroundings, our economy, and supports local nonprofit organizations.

AOK is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit engaging the community in Arts & Culture, by collaborating with local artists, citizens, and the City of Kenmore, to create community and beautify neighborhoods.

AOK is joining the global Giving Tuesday movement to unleash the power of people transforming communities! No third party fees or obligation, just giving straight to your favorite nonprofit. Your patronage means more than even during these challenging times, and we ask you to invest in us now so we can hit the ground running in 2021 with sustainable arts programing... for the love of Kenmore!


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Your gift supports local Arts & Culture through Art in Public Spaces, Exhibitions, Youth Programs, Outreach and Grants for Schools